Financial Literacy Resources

We’re a big supporter of the need for enhanced Financial Literacy particularly for youth Everyone agrees that the need is there but we don’t see it happening quite fast enough despite the great resources noted below:

What is Financial Literacy?

The Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) to make informed decisions that will best suit their situation. 

A financially literate person is someone who understands how the financial system works, how to manage their money and how to make choices that best suit their needs and income. A financially literate population helps build a strong economy, which in turn makes all our lives better.

The studies are clear. The time is Now. the need is Critical. The resources are ready. But where is financial literacy in our Schools? In the meantime, here are some good resources

Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC)   A  Financial Toolkit designed to help Cdns manage their personal finances Sponsored by Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC), & the Investor Education Fund (IEF) Reliable,, unbiased & easy to use information & tools that people can use to become more capable & confident financial consumers. Includes a Trainers Tool Kit section as well.

Practical Money Skills   Sponsored by Visa Canada this site includes in class resources used by educators to help students and young adults

Canadian Centre for Financial Literacy (CCFL)   Dedicated to building Financial literacy capacity across Canada; a resource for financial literacy practitioners who strive to empower people to make more informed decisions about their money & to provide support to those who need help. Tools, resources and reports to support the delivery of financial literacy to low income Canadians in particular

Canadian Foundation for Economic Education (CFEE)   Nationwide, Non Profit working to promote/assist economic capability of Canadians. Wide range of resources/programs, multimedia, teacher training, curriculum consulations & research. Including Money & Youth –

Get Smarter about Money  By way of the Investor Education Fund (IEF) funded by the Ontario Securities Commission, Help for Canadians to make smarter financial decisions every day. Unbiased information content, tools and programs based on research that reveals what Canadians know about money and investing, and how they want to learn. Content is written by independent subject matter experts.

Junior Achievement (JA)  The largest youth business education organization in Canada-inspiring & helping prepare youth for an ever-changing global economy for 58 years. Last year they helped 400+ communities and over 226,000 students by way of their 13,500 volunteers. Delivering Financial Literacy, Work Readiness & Entrepreneurship programs successfully. (Thank you) They do great work across our Canada and help bridge Canada’s talent & leadership gap. They deserve our thanks and support and they always need more volunteers. (I have no affiliation by the way; but a son who was lucky enough to have a teacher that engaged JA for a financial literacy program)

Junior Achievement Resource Portal  This is an excellent multitude of different resources available on one site based on Audience, Program, Media Type, Topic, Language, Suggested Age & Duration

Chartered Professional Accountants Canada (CPA) Financial Decisions Matter – CICA’s Financial Literacy Program including Resources, Multimedia Links etc


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