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What happens to uncashed certified cheques or Money orders?

Oiginally posted Feb 19 2013

Maybe we can brighten up your cold Tuesday

Maybe…you haven’t thought about checking the Bank of Canada unclaimed funds website because you are pretty careful about providing the bank with your forwarding address and you have not left any old bank accounts behind….but there might be another reason to check.

Have you ever provided a certified cheque or a money order?

TD money order

If you have, what if that certified cheque or money order you paid for never was cashed?

In the case of both of these kinds of transactions, they are deducted from your account when the Bank draws them up for you but what if you never gave the certified cheque or the money order to the payee as you had intended for whatever reason or what if that payee never actually cashed that payment?  It becomes an unclaimed amount.

A review of the Bank of Canada website shows that there are plenty of those kinds of transactions – enough to make it worth your while to check

Please do and let us know if you come across some of those kinds of transactions or a bank account you or a loved one had forgotten about.  And if you have any other questions about unclaimed funds we would be happy to try and help you answer them

Link to the Bank of Canada website here